Journey Till Now

‘MBA was supposed to be fun!’ exclaimed Rishabh with a wry smile, on hearing that the midterms are going to take place on normal lecture days.  Well, we laugh a lot these days, and fun – yes, it is fun.

I remember being awestruck by the campus when I put my foot for the first time. The campus feels like a completely different world. Plants and trees entwined with the all-stone architecture and the well-manicured lawns make it very mesmerizing.

Picture Credits: Abhishek Singhal, EPGP 2018-19

Immediately, post-inauguration, we were taken to an outbound learning session at Pegasus resorts. Two days of camping and activities were the real icebreaker. We all could gel with each other and this managed our transition quite nicely. Then the grind began,

No one can prepare you for what is going to hit you, not even five months waiting period (the luxury of being an R1 admit). The whirlwind of assignments and case studies leaves everyone gasping for breath. When your economics professor says that time is a resource, you know exactly what it means. So, here’s the deal. You are supposed to read the topics and case studies before coming to class (on some days, this means reading five chapters and 2 case studies). When they say read, it means reading and analyzing (Don’t expect your novel reading skills to come in handy here). Lectures are more like discussions where professors try to bring out the most from you.  Don’t expect Sundays to be a rest day. In fact, you will work the most on Sundays. And yes, we have even had our exams on Sundays. In fact, our midterms were on normal days (i.e., With normal lecture routines), and if you are brave enough to waste a couple of days post exams to relax, you will find it extremely difficult to recover from the pile that builds up.

Learning has been fantastic. If you thought MBA is all about fancy jargons, you would be disappointed here at IIMB. Teaching is an art, people say and our professors are the sublime artists. Each faculty is unique and gives an entirely new perspective in all the topics they cover. I doubt anybody in their wildest dreams would have imagined that the land acquisition bill would be used to make us understand the term ‘economics’. I for one was fascinated to discover that organizations can be viewed in so many ways! The insights and interpretations that the professor of strategy brought left us all dazed. You feel awesome when on one odd day you find that the views of the professor who is taking your accounts class come in a premium business daily like Mint. In fact, in a month you get used to seeing your professors research featuring in some of the business dailies. Then, we have seminars on every Wednesday, when industry leaders come and give us a glimpse of the current trends in their respective industries.

Add to this, the amount of collective and diverse experience of the colleagues bring, and you have a heady cocktail. When you hear their stories, you feel lucky to be a part of this group. To give you some perspective, we have a former officer with the merchant navy, a former Indian Revenue Service official, lawyer with experience in the social development sector, commodities traders, entrepreneurs, people working in research & development, people who reached state cricket boards teams, etc. The creativity that comes out in class is terrific. While one of my colleagues got us in a split with his parody frameworks, other cracked us up with one of the most funniest PJs I have ever heard. I tried to recall the last time I worked in an egalitarian team set up with no managers, working on 5-6 projects simultaneously without a hint of competition.  Well, it’s exhilarating. The projects, the parties and the daily bus rides have made this journey joyous.


The genius of scientists lies in proving the things we already know. You don’t need to be Einstein to understand that the time is relative. Any student of IIM Bangalore would testify that time considerably slows down here. It has just been one term since I started this journey, but it feels like I have been here for ages. In such a short period, we have learned to collaborate with strangers and take decisions in a democratic setup.

Most important learning has however been to enjoy and smile while all the hard work is going on.

– Khilav Joshi

EPGP 2018-19

5 thoughts on “Journey Till Now

  1. While going through this piece, I felt as if I was at IIMB. Happy, very very happy, to see you with bright smile.

    God bless you, always!!!!

  2. Gone through your blog and felt that, this is a lusty piece of presentation I ever come across. Keep it up.

    Wish you all the success for what you desire.

    God bless you dear.

  3. Nice smile and happiness on your face while facing hard challenges in campus makes us feel proud. God will bless you to cherish your dreams.H J Shah

  4. Dear Khilav , It appears that You love and enjoy what you are doing. This is surely beginning of your journey to excellence. Best wishes.

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