Future of Indian Financial Service Industry and Career Opportunities

“I never thought I would find a seminar on a financial topic so interesting!” stated one of the students. He was not alone. All the students were visibly( On the contrary all the students remained) engrossed throughout the first seminar of IIMB EPGP Xth batch, as Professor Ravi Sundar Muthukrishnan opined on the market, its future and its impact on financial careers.

His experience as both an academician and an industry leader placed him in a unique position to hold the class in rapture on ideas related to stock selection, portfolio management, and market dynamics. The insightful discourse on the future of the Indian market and economy was an eye-opener, and it sparked interest in the markets even in students with absolutely no financial background or inclination.

Professor Muthukrishnan fluently orated on future drivers of the Indian economy, especially on the Growth of Consumption as the key contributor to the growth in GDP. The discussions ranging from details such as Cash Flow, ROI to Economic Enablers such as ‘Last mile connectivity’ were thought-provoking and exposed the class to a plethora of prospects, both within the financial industry and in the economy at large.

This logically culminated in a discussion about the various career paths available within the financial services sector for individuals from a variety of backgrounds. He successfully dispelled the myth that prospects within the sector were obtainable only from those with a financial background, by stressing on the importance of industry experience for a quality market analysis. At the same time, he emphasized on the high levels of involvement and time pressures required for the various job profiles.

The success of the seminar was evident by the number of students bustling to have an informal chat with Professor Muthukrishnan during the interaction over tea. He enthusiastically continued advising and encouraging students on how to leverage their time at IIMB and the approach best taken going forward.

Professor Muthukrishnan’s seminar came in at the right time for the audience. It will enable them to connect the financial and economic concepts learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios and evolve from learners to real-world analysts.


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