Am I a richer person today compared to 11 months back ?

Pg 22 - Option 1I started my MBA journey exactly 11 months back, and today after the last submission of the year, it concludes. I kept active throughout the year and made sure I engage in things I love doing or care about. I did never hesitate to express views on issues that mattered to me, professional or personal. And in retrospect I feel it’s these choices that made the journey worth its while for me. In addition to the academics (and I think more importantly) MBA programs provide you with a plethora of chances to learn outside the class room. The people you interact with, the friends you make, the duties you take, the issues you engage in, the platforms you perform on. For me, each one of these served as a source of enriching experiences.

I had a few aspirations at the commencement of the course and wanted to achieve certain things. By the end of the year, I have accomplished each one of those and so much more further, beyond my imagination. Not surprisingly, the greatest learnings did not come from the achievements. They came from the challenges, the difficult times, the disappointments, and the embarrassments. They came from the times when I questioned myself. But introspection is like reviewing your own paper. It’s hard to find the mistakes. How would I know I am not merely reconfirming my assumptions, not merely comforting my beliefs? And overdoing the self-analysis kills your mojo anyway. It’s a double-edged sword. And there is no guarantee the cut would render you enlightened. Well, I digress. Coming back to the point, participating in everything that interested me with all my heart and an ability to introspect regularly ensured the year just did not pass me by in its regular ways. I played hard, I faltered often, I fell miserably, but I never failed to get up back in all my glory, never!

I wish everyone who takes on such journeys makes the best of them and comes out a richer individual, a deeper thinker, a better human being. I can only presume that I did!

Karishma Parmar

EPGP Class of 2018

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