Pegasus, The Beginning of a year of adventure

IMG_4397As the month of March ended, seventy three of us left our corporate chairs and packed our bags to sit in classrooms again. We entered the sprawling campus of IIM Bangalore, filled with dreams, hope and oodles of excitement, for the new life ahead. It seemed like the green surroundings of the IIM campus specked with red gulmohar blossoms were beckoning us to the new future. The first few days were a blur as everyone tried to settle in the new environment while completing the necessary admission formalities. As we were looking forward to that first Sunday to relax, the EPGP office informed that we would be travelling on that very day for a two day outbound learning program. In a frenzy of excitement for our first trip together as a class, we happily ignored the pending chores and instead focused on packing our bags once again. Pegasus Institute for Excellence is located on the outskirts of Bangalore and we reached late-Sunday evening, just in time for us to look around and settle in our tents, before dinner was served. The serene countryside relaxed us and we choose to spend the rest of the evening playing dumb charades, singing songs and swaying to the beats of cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument. This turned out to be an excellent time to bond, make new friends and discover the hidden talents of many of our classmates. The realisation struck soon,’ yes, we were finally in college’ and these classmates would make a lasting impact on us over the next twelve months.

The following two days were spent in various team building activities that enhanced our strengths. For each activity we were divided into different teams, giving us an opportunity to know each of our classmates well. From picking our light-weighted friends and passing them through a net to optimising a brick path in pin-drop silence, we were involved in many rigorous lessons on team building and effective leadership. This high-diversity class had people from various fields and each of us bought varied perspectives to every activity, we undertook. This amalgamation of thought not only enhanced the learning process but also compelled us to widen our outlook. But was it “All work and no Play”; absolutely not. As the day came to an end, many of us geared up to enjoy the nigh breeze next to the beautiful lake, just outside the Pegasus campus. Armed with torchlights and countless ghost stories, we made our way across a small hill and sat under spooky trees discussing our life experiences. The limited cell phone connectivity ensured little distraction, compelled us to bond and discover each other.

The fun-filled activities and the impactful lessons that we learnt helped us transition gracefully from boardrooms to classrooms. We came back with memories, new friends, and an unparalleled experience that will continue to drive us ahead.

Bring it On MBA!!!


Tridisha Goswami

EPGP 2017-18

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