Countdown to Korea: EPGP gears up for International Immersion

In about 45 days from now, the high-flying gang of EPGP students will be… well, flying high en route to Seoul. Preparations are underway to kick off the international immersion module on Aug 20, a day after the conclusion of final exams of term-2. Thanks to the tireless efforts of EPGP Office and immersion committee, travel and lodging arrangements are already made; visa processing is in progress.
Starting Aug 22, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) will host us for two weeks as we attend lectures aimed at ‘immersing’ us in the economic, social, political and cultural lives of the ‘land of morning calm’. Every aspect of the international immersion module is meticulously planned and structured to provide us with a global view of business affairs and an understanding of regional influences on various industries. For example, we are looking forward to hone the concepts learnt in ‘Macroeconomics’ and ‘Emerging Economies’ courses of this term when we discuss South Korea’s spectacular rise with business and government leaders in Seoul. It also sets the stage for future terms, which offer electives covering joint ventures, international business, etc. Experiential learning is going to be the focus when we get busy with field visits, workshops, project works, and corporate seminars during our stay. Of course, we will also be networking with students of KAIST and sharing our learning experiences.
If it is all work and no play, it cannot be EPGP, which prides itself as a group that is ‘Eager to Party at any Given Point’. In the evenings and weekends, we are going to indulge ourselves thoroughly in sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife. We will attend some cultural events and most likely visit Samsung Innovation Museum and Korea Exchange besides a few notable historical sites. Just the thought that the entire batch—seventy wild wolves—will be on an excursion is electrifying enough to get the ‘Gangnam style’ ringing in my ears. To conclude the trip in ‘high spirits,’ we are planning to fly via Hong Kong and stop by the casinos in Macau. If that sounds like too much fun, let’s just call it a study tour to master the applications of game theory and information asymmetry.


By Pavan Rapaka (IIMB EPGP 17)

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