It’s been more than a month already. When I say that to myself, I just wonder where it all flew. We still seem to be finding our feet, we still appear to be getting lost on this campus. We only have some quiz scores, a midterm, some project work and some seminars to show for the month that went by. But guess that’s how we start to settle in and begin to belong.

While I am writing this, immediately after our first midterms, looking forward to a party the next day, I go back to all that is posted on this forum. This forum is a collection of experiences of people across different years.  You connect them all you get a story.  So as I was an outsider looking at their thoughts, it was almost romantic. People getting away from their daily grind, to an idyllic campus, studying in almost Spartan buildings, having an experience to last their lifetime. But, possibly no words can do justice to the frenzy that comes as a part of that experience, so I will try Led Zeppelin.  Think of driving fast on a highway, with Battle of Evermore playing in your ears.

So, here we are a bunch of 25 something to 40 something, trying our best to be students again, running over to be in class by 8 everyday, moping over our average grades and wondering what more can be done to get more. We can’t help capturing our power naps in the middle of a lecture away from the glance of the professor. Our cell phones also still find a way to make themselves heard, be it a YouTube video playing on its own accord in a lecture or the voice command feature on another phone expressing what we all felt in another class.  After every test, follows a proclamation of not discussing the test, soon to be broken by a thorough post mortem of the paper. A project discussion follows, which precedes a daily date with some intimidating looking books.

A wise man says life here is what happens while you are planning other things. The daily argument over the temperature of the AC, the decision whether the fan will be on, the attempt to level each others’ information asymmetry in the Accounting cases (to finally never get them right) and the efforts we put on every weekend to make one party after another, are our life for past one month and possibly our memories after a year.

If you are reading this you could be one of the three- i) one who has already been there and might just be reliving his days, ii) who studies with me and is probably so engrossed in your next submission that you shouldn’t be reading this, and iii) one who has never been here and whether he should be. For the third person I would like to say, every day I ride 3 Kms on my cycle to our campus, feeling the early morning Bangalore breeze (and the Bannerghatta dust) to be greeted by a smiling guard at the IIM gate. All the madness of the world, outside melts into another kind of frenzy, when you enter and think to yourself, Finally here.

By: Aravind Ganesan (EPGP 7)

One thought on “Frenzy

  1. Wow. I aspire to be in this place pretty soon enough and this post has given me a new high and a new level of enthusiasm to be in IIM-B. Thank you so much, and wish me luck! 🙂

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