Two Weeks into EPGP 7

We were kind of settled at Ajmera by now, barring the few requests for a maid or cook swapping. The permanent residents at Ajmera braced themselves for yet another influx of EPGP students. At the gym, we got looks of “Let’s see how much longer you can keep coming”. A few of us were up to the challenge, though, and most certainly would break the treadmills before we left. The flurry of activities make it hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago I was worried about project deadlines. If it were deadlines I was worried about, I certainly came to the wrong place. Each professor gave us three deadlines, In fact, we nominated a person in our group to keep track of the deadlines.

As a group we lost track of the days in the week, we could just distinguish days and nights. Within two weeks we finished a quiz, submitted a project proposal and were drawing parallels of what was taught in class with the outside world. We still found time to celebrate regional new years of India and a couple of birthday parties. Debit fun, credit time. Within two weeks most of the talk was peppered with Management lingo, we no longer said tea was too hot, we thought if this would make an excellent case for a tortious litigation. We no longer said some dabbawala was taking his job seriously – we thought about lemon’s principle and signalling. Life, just how fast do you run??

The B-School is like a Hogwarts dream come true. The long grey passages give one a sombre feeling of melancholy. ..What came second? A friend and I wondered – the tree, which grew softly –weaving its way around concrete, or the columns, which were placed mindful of nature and her precarious ways? This place has been filling me with wonder ever since I came…..


What makes this institute so great? Where else will you find a world class professor clean the white board on which he wrote ,after the class then realize that he overwrote what a student had written and go back to correct it?….Straight into Malgudi days, is what I felt in some of the classes. I empathized with the 6-year-old Swami of Malgudi, who was cornered into calculating the price of mangoes in the complicated world of algebra while all he could do was wonder if the mangoes were ripe or raw. The sheer number of books and material had us bewildered, and we had to study them, in a single term, not over the next year or so. The next day, the assistant handed me more printed material and I looked at him in disbelief, like Caesar must have looked at Brutus, and he smiled calmly and said, “Bari ten pages, madam”….in a tone of reassurance

By: Divya Narayan (EPGP 7)

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