Under construction: the road to transformation

What does an MBA have in store after all? Is it the high paying job? A fancy designation? A dream organisation to work in? Perhaps it would not be a stretch to take all these as a realistic take-away from a distinguished management course. But am I limiting my options?

The initial two months at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore have been thought provoking to say the least. As the lines between economics, strategies, operations, marketing and finance blur and objectivity creeps in, it is time to identify the real calling. Sure, a lot of people are still unclear about the “most appropriate” direction, but an unmistakable coherence of ideas has already started to resonate in the corridors of the institute.

Entrepreneurship is now a topic of serious discussion, start-ups are being looked at as vital and viable opportunities, off-beat employment prospects have suddenly started to make a lot more sense.

There has been a strong influx of crossover seminars, brainstorming, international immersion and exchange programmes. I could not help but wonder what is all this aimed at? Encouraging diversity? Creating broader networks? Perhaps true. But all these make up the smaller subset of the larger goal – to loosen up the self-imposed boundaries, to embrace the freedom to experiment, to fail, to succeed.

What works and what does not have already been endlessly discussed in various forums around the world. However, we are fast ushering in the phase where the discussions are more focused on what follows a failure or what precedes a success. If the past two months were all about building basic blocks of management science, the next couple of months are completely dedicated to the art of doing business. Bounded rationality is indeed unwinding.

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