Mergers and Acquisitions – ‘Been there done that’ Cyprian D’souza speaks with EPGP students

There’s no denying that, for management students, a talk on Mergers and Acquisitions can be both exciting and challenging to grasp. M&A by itself is quite a complex aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management. But the seminar delivered by Cyprian D’ Souza from  Capgemini and Ms Sangeeta Sundaram from Allcargo Logistics, was engaging and and held the EPGP class of 2012 at IIM- B in rapt attention

Mr D’Souza was formely CEO of Kanbay India  and  was at the helm of the affairs during Kanbay’s successful merger into Capgemini. The speaker started off by asking the audience to list down the expected take aways from the talk. After taking note of the salient takeways, the speaker embarked on the journey of sharing his first hand experince of  Kanbay’s  merger and the strategies and framework associated with it.

Cyprian D'Souza speaks with EPGP students on M&A

Cyprian D’Souza speaks with EPGP students on M&A

The speakers stressed that the successful M&A should not only achieve operating synergies and financial machinations, but also  realize that the human side of deal making is critical to value creation, strategic  growth and sustainable business success. He cited the example of how Kanbay and Capgenimi, quite different companies in their structure, were able to successfully integrate as the M&A process was not solely driven by financial decisions but by placing a great amount of stress on understanding and channelling emotions and dynamics between all stake holders. The stake holders included not only clients but also employees of both firms. Further, Ms Sangeeta gave us her personal  experience  on how an employee of the merged entity can manage to survive, leverage and most importantly rise in the organisation.

The speakers went onto clarify and answer each and every question that was noted at the very start of the talk. But the icing on the cake was yet to come. At the end of the talk, the speakers sprang a surprise by asking all the framework and strategies discussed and guess what the audience in unison was able to replay all of them in no time.

Cyprian D’ Souza  and Sangeeta Sundaram with EPGP students

Cyprian D’ Souza and Sangeeta Sundaram with EPGP students

It was an engaging and enjoyable session that not only gave us the frameworks for post merger integration, but also helped us understand the human values and issues that need to be attended to in the process.

3 thoughts on “Mergers and Acquisitions – ‘Been there done that’ Cyprian D’souza speaks with EPGP students

  1. A really good Seminar by Cyprian D’souza. The post facto intricacies of an M&A are much more tangling than a mere synergies talk and how important the fist 100 days are was a revelation….

  2. Mergers and acquisitions otherwise called “M&A” is the procedure of combining or consolidating two organizations into one corporate element. A straight obtaining is basically when one organization buys an alternate organization altogether. By and large, this transaction might be made in stock, money or a consolidation of both. In a threatening takeover, the obtaining organization will by and large secure enough imparts to expect control, which in a few cases the target may not be mindful of the offer and will be unwilling to offer. In a cordial obtaining, the two organizations will normally chip in on the terms of the merger.

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