Inspiration from Madurai

The EPGP 2012-13 batch of IIMB was honoured to have Mr. Narayanan Krishnan, founder of Akshaya Trust to address an august house of IIMB students, faculty and staff. Mr. Krishnan is one of those rare individuals who have given up a lucrative salary and career to follow his heart and ensure a life of dignity for the helpless and destitute of Madurai. He spoke of how he was moved by the misery of a hungry old man and left a promising career as a chef of a major hotel chain and decided to provide three meals for the mentally disabled destitute in Madurai. He spoke of his journey of where he started off using his own savings initially to his receiving the CNN 2010 Top Ten Heroes and his current mission of opening a rehabilitation centre for the destitute in 2013 and his plans of expansion to other cities in Tamil Nadu. He stressed his commitment to provide a transparent organisation to ensure the confidence of the donators that the money would go to the people who deserved it the most.

In a highly interactive session of over an hour he answered a lot of queries from the students of IIMB. In response to a question on how he arranges for funds on bad days he said that lack of resources can never be an obstacle for a good cause and that he has inevitably got some help from unexpected quarters whenever he seemed to face a crisis. He spoke of the immense satisfaction he receives when he gets a smile of gratitude from people who are 90% clinically psychiatric.

It was a highly motivating session and everyone left the hall filled with inspiration on how to do something if only in a small way for our less fortunate brethren.

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