Be Man Enough to be Childlike!

What an eve it was! An eve, where a group of 32+ individuals danced as if they were teenagers– with as much zest and probably much more carefree abandon. An eve, when these adult teenagers dropped on their knees, slept on the ground with the legs stretched towards the ceiling and the hands waving to the beat of the music. An Eve, when these Ex-Senior executives played Musical chair with so much enthusiasm that one of us – an over competitive enthusiast – actually tried to pick a child from his occupied chair and take his place. It surely had been a hectic week, and more so a hectic schedule right since we all joined the EPGP program. We off-course had our own share of fun – Sports-Meet, Movies at Meenaxi Mall, Tripsy trips at Guru Palace, and few other outings here and there. Few of us had these moments of refreshing enjoyment a bit more frequently than others – but then, am sure, most of us had our lives tied up to the ever ticking watch and the ever packed up timetable; moving between extremes of free time fun to no-pee time run.

One after other – the days go by – and our mind too keeps us bound to this mechanical timetable by bribing us with a moment, from our future, of achievement and glory. But once in a while, on such sudden occasions, a day arrives, when our thoughts take a free ride and the child in us comes to the fore. In this modern world where a sensitive, emotional, sentimental and childlike adult is branded an impractical, immaturish and childish individual, it is great to see the childlike innocence preserved in the corner of each of our hearts coming out in open and avowing its existence quite unabashedly.

The Party Begins!

EPGP Party at Radiant Resorts

But then, mates, could we care to reflect, why we need the backing of the ‘High’ State to pull this child in us out if its shell. Why do we – the free thinking intellectuals, who do and who are also supposed to question the rules, structures, principles and test them against banalities – maintain the hypocritical claim of maturity at the expense of innocence and childlike exuberance? If one wants to be Man, one better be Man enough to be fair to others, Man enough to be True to oneself and to others, Man Enough to be impartial in situations that demand impartiality, Man Enough to protect those who need to be protected, man enough to be responsible towards result of one’s actions and man Enough to not reap second hand stolen copied credit. Why is it that most of us, avoid being Man enough in doing what I wrote above but pounce on an opportunity to pick those who are men enough to maintain the softness and innocence of their soul in the pretentious world of unnecessary adherence to formality, practicality and maturity? Point to reflect? Point to ponder?

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