Light at the end of the Tunnel….. or is it??

Phew (wiping the invisible sweat of my forehead).. What an eventful term it has been! After an enlightening and energetic 2 days at Pegasus, the classes started on 16th April.  Initially it seemed manageable, but with each passing day the pressure increased exponentially. Suddenly there were project submissions, mid-term exams and one too many classes. And so, began the proverbial burning of the midnight oil. With all the chaos, we managed to have a series of seminars with the Director General of CAG, Private Equity and capital market specialists, met the esteemed Alumni of IIMB at Anusmaran, Mr. Gopalakrishnan – Co-Founder of Infosys and Mr. Nanavati, MD of 3M India at a CII meeting, and participated in a negotiation session with international students.

Immediately after the mid-term, a series of project submissions along with preparation of end term exams were at the helm. We finally realized that the power of divide and conquer was at the crux of retaining sanity, and, the true benefit of team work. We managed to finish the project, taking the Just In Time (JIT) methodology to a whole new level. And just when we were recovering, the end term exams turned up at our doorsteps. But here too, there were things to learn – Team work and collaboration amongst the batch mates made our lives easier. There were tutorials of the class, by the class and for the class, there were last minute hand holding sessions and most of us learnt the value of 2-4 AM study time, the most productive of all. We truly appreciated the meaning of the word CLAN.  The six back to back exams finally came to an end(as all things – good and bad do) and we were treated to a splendid lunch organized by the spouse club, a new initiative by spouses of students.

The challenges of term 1 grounded our collective egos, but it was the 2 most enriching months of my life. My learnings and experiences will stay with me forever. I will try to share the details in another blog (disclaimer: read next para).

I do see a light at the end of the tunnel after term I, but with one more subject and one less week, the light just might be the headlight of an oncoming train.

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