Identity and Give Back!

The poem, in reference, poses just two questions –

1) Is there a bigger ‘WE’ giving us a more meaningful identity than a sole individual ‘I’?

2) And if there is, if we all do ‘Belong’ to a larger entity – Nation – Can we (Rather shouldn’t we) put our unity to some good use.

The poem equates the Philanderer to the Government, Lady to the Nation and People of the Lady to You and me, Us.

A lecherous philanderer
was passing by..
when a lady, sweet and kind,
met his roving eye

she was graceful, elegant,
-beauty with a royal air…
innocent, noble,
with long, rich, lustrous hair…

He balked as he saw her,
stood agape with wonder..
and thought,”To let her go-
would be an unpardonable blunder”…

“Am in love with you O dearest”
he avowed as he approached her….
“I shall care for you and die for you
and love you as shall no other…”…

“I may look like a stranger-
But truly, I belong to thee..
never felt so, for anyone else”
he added with a glee…

“betrothing with ladies like you-
has been the tradition in my family….”
Continued he, “marry me, I promise,
we both shall live happily…”

“There are many who wish-
the same, who’ve fallen for me…
Its not in my hands,” the lady said
“My people shall decide for me”

and then arranged was a poll
by the people of the lady..
to decide the best suitor,
and all the ‘besotted’ were ready…

some showcased their talents,
some had promises to make..
our philanderer was not behind,
he had his own take…

while all were busy,
promising heaven to the bride…
our philanderer, offered
lady’s people, a hefty bribe…

“I shall give you this”
He promised,”And give you that-
don’t worry ’bout the lady,
eat, drink, be merry and grow fat”

and out came the result,
as the people polled away…
though no one expected,
philanderer won the way..

The lady had watched the show,
with a brave, stoic calm-
“when its all left to God-”
she thought,”There can be no harm”

and then there was celebration
of the philanderers pride…
not for, he won his love-
but for he owned now the bride…

“Its finally the time to party
we have done our job,
of finding a stable groom!!”
so thought the drunken mob….

and then the night came..
of anticipation, of fear,
of nervous silence on the ladies part
of expectations, of desire…

She longed to meet the philanderer
and talk to him about
her desires, her needs, her dreams,
and know him all throughout..

and in he came, fully drunk,
with eyes full of greed,
his mind too full of rapacious will
to think of ladies need..

she was his, to be taken,
to be defiled, to be devoured,
to be used to quench his thirst,
to be enjoyed, to be ordered…

She was all his, to be loved,
to be cared, for all his life…
but who has time to wait and waste
when you own your own silly wife..

As the lady wept her silent tears,
too stunned to feel the pain…
her unconcerned people, slept all night,
dreaming of their gain..
dreaming of their gain..


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