Student Profile 2 – "Shruti Sharma"

I have always believed in my deep seated conviction – ‘You create & live your own reality’.

Well, it has been one long exciting journey ever since I graduated as an electrical engineer from my alma mater – Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology with one unequivocal aim of setting up my own enterprise. The belief was exceptionally strong, the route fairly ambiguous. During my final semester at Thapar, I successfully interviewed with Nestle India Pvt Ltd (one of the very few MNCs of yester years). But the very thought sticking to 9 to 6 time slot was not in the least enticing. I wanted to live my dream of setting up my very own enterprise quite contrary to my service background upbringing.

Life took a very interesting turn when I got betrothed to Vivek, an Army Officer, a man with bounding energy and an ever ready spirit of adventure. Soon we got married and we were blessed with two lovely daughters. During this period, while we shuttled between Pune, Mumbai (then Bombay) and Bangalore, I took an immense liking towards architectural art glass. The seed having been sown, I set my first backyard workshop in Chandigarh in the year 2000. Since then life has been much like a roller coaster ride with more highs and few lows. Three years later, I had setup my own manufacturing unit in Industrial Area, Mohali and registered under the banner ‘Marc’n Architectural Art Glass’. Four years thence, I also got a unique opportunity to play a lead role as a Director, Army Wives Welfare Organisation, an NGO, while my husband was in command of an engineer regiment. This provided me a unique opportunity to launch a very successful program christened ‘second income generation program’ to provide entrepreneurial vocational skills to the wives of soldiers.

It was around this time, I decided to embark on this prestigious ‘Executive Management Programme’ as a stepping stone to satiate my entrepreneurial spirit. Past six months have been rejuvenating and enlightening. The faculty at IIM, Bangalore, is one of the best that our country can offer. The peer group is engaging and revitalising. The curriculum is enticing and provides adequate flexibility to carve out your very own niche. I am presently working on my next enterprise and would want to immensely thank the think tank group here for guiding, goading and cajoling me on to newer and, I believe, a brighter tomorrow.

As always,

Shruti Sharma
Entrepreneur & Social Mentor
BE (Electrical), Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology
Presently at IIM, Bangalore ( EPGP 2010 – 2011 )

3 thoughts on “Student Profile 2 – "Shruti Sharma"

  1. It was nice to learn about Shruti. I was very much impressed to know that an Army wife is going to IIMB to learn further and will benefit the AWWA.

  2. Hi Shruti! It was truly a pleasure to learn about you and your dreams. I ‘am planning to sail the same boat! I mean, I ‘am married for one year now and thinking about pursuing this course. To be honest my husband dreams more than me for this. I ‘am a food technologist by profession and have been working in R&D for nearly 7 years now.
    Need some help from you, infact guidance to make up my mind finally to pursue this. If you don’t mind, can you please help.
    Best of luck for everything.
    Thanks for reading me.

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