End of Term-II – Reflections

The detox process was activated just as we stepped out of the last of the exams for Term-II. The wellness committee, not the one to compromise on the well being of the tired souls, proposed a toast at Woodrose. Some of the junta couldn’t hold their horses (notwithstanding the sore knuckles from writing for 6 hours), so one group headed to GP impromptu and a few of us begged the Extreme Sports Bar to extend their happy hour by just few minutes to accommodate the desperate lot. It was sheer coincidence that Brazil was slated to play Chile in the pre-quarters later in the night, but for now we settled for Orange (Dutch) magic against the Mohawk-Slovaks. Later in the unearthly hours, we witnessed the Samba (Brazil) magic casting a spell over the Chileans that was made all the more better by bread omelettes and chai at the all night canteen in the campus. The Dress Circle of IIM-B is screening the knockout matches and it was a master stroke to catch the game with the PGP junta, on the big screen right outside the mess.

II-term really whizzed by, with most of the time being spent preparing for the individual/group term papers, group presentations and individual submissions. The well spaced out (5 exams in 3 days) end-term exams provided just a bit of leeway, compared to what hit us last term. We were told that our perspectives of worldly considerations would also change quite significantly around 5th term (for good reason), but going by the jargonization and conceptualization of discussions both inside and outside the classes, the change seems to be quite obvious already. There were lots of self-reflections on our part- some voluntary and few forced (were to be graded) on different subjects and life in general.

As of today, the hot plans being chalked out include regular gym workouts, EOD football endurance tests, cricket mind games on Saturday, Ping Pong battles to increase concentration powers, and Tennis for the uber cool ones. Just when the adrenaline was getting too much to handle, we got the due emails telling us to do what we “try” to do best – pre-read for III term courses beginning tomorrow (Strategic Marketing, Corp Finance, Corp Governance and Ethics, Corporate Strategy – Did I count right…those are just four courses and not five. Yupiee !!). But we have been forewarned that this term is going to be another sledgehammer.

– Rajesh Kumar Gunasekaran

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