Some thoughts at the end of 1/24th of the course (yes, 1/3 rd of the 1st term has already zoomed past us!!):

We started the course with Debiting the excellent Faculty and peer interactions and Crediting the loan amounts and amount of sleep etc and the retained earnings at the end of the year is going to be a huge learning and some wonderful friends.

The search, evaluate and enforce aspects are being thought about different options to outsource some or all of the key activities within the group for each of us like getting the right visibility in the market, getting a good job that will make economical sense given the opportunity cost, getting the varied inputs from eminent personalities in society to develop our own personality, getting the right subject areas covered as part of the learning etc. to utilize the division of labor effectively.

Though there is an outlier like me (with no contribution to the class), which is anyway expected in a normal distribution (knowledge gained being a continuous random variable), the amount of peer learning that is happening is amazing. With 100% confidence (though theoretically it is not possible), I can say that there will be a huge enrichment in terms of knowledge and skills at the end of the course for each of us.

The Supply of knowledge from the faculty is enormously high compared to the quantity of assmilation of knowledge that is happening and hence there is an inelastic supply at this point of time. Hoping to reach the point of elasticity soon!!

Bringing in some chemical engineering flavour (btw, I am a chemical engineer by qualification), the tests, case studies and assignments are the anti-corrosive agents that help in retaining the knowledge in spite of the high heat and mass transfers that take place and also act as catalyst in the learning process.

In a philosophical tone, probably the whole universe is conspiring to help me gain some knowledge and contacts by putting me amidst the excellent faculty and an entrepreneurial peer group.

Integrating the differential thoughts, the experience so far indicates that the next 1 year is going to be intriguing and insightful in more than one way.


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