Is my face a mere template ?

Something really unexpected has happened since I started school three months back…With a frightening regularity, people have told me they know someone who looks like me….

Strike One:

The lady who is helping us with our dinner: “You look a lot like my nephew !”

Strike Two:

Classmate1: “You look like this guy I know from Delhi..”

Strike Three:

Classmate 2: “Dude, you look a lot like this  south-indian politician….”

Me: “Really ? ” “Who  ?”

Classmate 2: “Jayalalitha.”

While marketing has been talking about product differentiation, I have realized that my face is not going to help me achieve any of that…this is turning out to be a  look which is good for the north and the south, good for the women and the men…so when I look into the mirror these days, all I see is a template…

4 thoughts on “Is my face a mere template ?

  1. I’m sure there are many more strikes awaiting… esp from the female fraternity whom you have chosen to ignore for so long 😉

  2. Parichay,

    Sure, and I hope some of them are the kind who sweep me off my feet 🙂

  3. funny! u ignoring the the female fraternity..hmmm…u certainly do not resemble the kataria I knew in high school… if that helps break the template spell at all..

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