Professor Explaining Authority:

When you go to a dentist, you completely submit to him and here is how the transaction evolves: Drilling-> Filling-> Billing


What’s the change when one moves from being an individual contributor to working in a team ? One goes from playing solo to polo

Explaining people who are high in Political-Aesthetic values:

This was a result of an instrument administered in the class. When it came to interpreting the results, this one had a lasting impact: People high on these values go from Gaali to Ghalib 🙂 Gaali describing how someone might express himself politically and Ghalib to satiate the aesthetic values…

Elucidating on the similarities between various medicinal systems:

It doesn’t matter if it is Allopathy, Naturopathy or Homeopathy—they all lead to Tirupathi

Explaining Discriminant Validity:

The class being fairly competitive and curious, the professor wanted to explain it to people that when he awards different marks to different assignments then people should be able to tell the difference in assignments by taking the marks to illustrate discriminant validity.  . when some of us drew a blank,  here is how he explained discriminant validity: remember the guy shrieking in the VIP frenchie ad where the macho guy jumps off the window and walks away with the girl:  What has he got that I ain’t got ?

Professor responding to best time to write an assignment:

Don’t write assignments when you are in an emotionally charged state. Take a break, and do it over a period of time.  Hopefully over a period of time, your emotions would level out and you won’t pour all of them in your assignments. Laying it on thick with an example: When people are emotionally high they really shouldn’t write, look at what happens to all those letters that people write when “true love” strikes.

Discussing Evolution of Congress over a period of time:

Pandit Nehru had a Vision, Ms. Gandhi a Mission and Mr. Rajeev got us the Television

Explaining self fulfilling prophecies:

As students you should be very careful with self fulfilling prophecies, they come true and sometimes people end up getting married to them (spouse)

Professor explaining the difference between profit and cash:

Cash is a reality while profit is an opinion.

Economics professor introducing himself in his first class:

Basically I am a very nice guy….

Economics professor on how students may respond to feedback on his class:

Just say that the supply of classes far exceeded their demand and I would understand…

Understanding Sunk Costs in Cost management:

Student 1  : what’s this sunk cost ?

Student 2: You know how  you get that sinking feeling sometimes, before the exam ?

Student 1: yeah..so ?

Student 2: that’s your first installment.

Explaining inelasticity of demand:

When matching feet and shoes, demand can be extremely inelastic. Half an inch is the difference between heaven and hell.

3 thoughts on “Wit-E!

  1. awesome .. hilarious . Is this all happening in the class .
    man this is an experience of lifetime

  2. ohh yes Himanshu, all this was in class…. and yes, this is a once in the life experience. Jayesh

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