The A to Z of executive education.

Global Management Schools continue to pound their own self-perpetual and never ending educational tread-mills with the urgency of a ferocious marathon runner who sporadically (read weekly) gets exclusionary fits of being a javelin thrower, but still is on course for trying to dish out a personal best that he is not willing to sacrifice for anything. The exams add further congestion to an educational system that is already clogged with information. Doesn’t anyone just sit back and think any more on how the principles could have been applied to the real world out there ?? All said and done, the learning curve is still very steep and I like to think I am on-course. Had it not been for the want of more time, I think I’d have been even better.

Here’s the A to Z of EPGP – which is a handy reference dictionary if you want to be a part of this course some day : Incomplete at this stage and will be a work in progress for a long time to come.

A: Analysis

There’s just too much of it. The management education for executives – who already are a bit rich when it comes to accepting just about anyone’s theory but their own, has brought about a welcome touch of the zoological nature to the field of education. The unusual sight of world’s famous management theorists being paraded around like farm animals and getting their haunches prodded and teeth checked by a management student to see if their theory will have any application in the real world, has added something both exciting and disturbing to the general environment of the class.

T: Tangential Discussions

The world tangent has gone through an evolution and has got an altogether new meaning in just a span of little over three weeks. And had there been a bar-chart of tangentiality index in the discussions, the most residents of the world would stand in a liliputian awe in front of the Guliveresque figure of the class. The word ‘Discussion’ attracts the class attention like a plump zebra attracts that of a lion in a lion enclosure. And the word ‘discussions on the theory taught’, gives an impression that the zebra has now smeared itself by wallowing in a myre of an irresistible wilde-beast ketchup to make itself even tastier.

Q: Quizzes

The process of telling the participants of the program that they suck. Ironically, this is something what deep-down all the participants already realize, but this process is known to do it loudly and it does so with disorienting persistence, week-after-week. Also the process and the importance of the word ‘Quiz’ is a stark change from the quizzes during my engineering days. In the good ol’ days of my engineering, an entire semester could pass without the teacher mentioning this dreaded word. ( In fact during the long after-lunch quizzes for some of the subjects, the only discernible sign of life in the examination hall was the gentle collective snoring of talented individuals who couldn’t wait to take on the professional world in capacity of an engineer.)

(… to be continued if alive )

Disclaimer: I am enjoying my stay here, the class environment is absolutely terrific and the learning for me has been absolutely phenomenal. This is just a humorous take on things and its my subtle way of taking a subtle revenge for the 7.5 million quizzes that I have been made to take in the past three weeks or so.  Please do not feel offended, angry  or dejected, if you are a current or a prospective student and also happen to be a voo-doo practician. ‘To each his own’ – applies in every other possibility.

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