Reporting From The Campus

Hi friends, its me again. This time reporting as a student of IIM Bangalore. Its been a week since our classes started, after a few days of inauguration and orientation. A few facts emerged from this interaction: we have 11 yrs of mean experience, over hundred years of international experience between us, and have representation from more industries than even I thought!

Factor in the salaries we have had to give up to reach here, and its no surprise that the energy levels are super-high. The 90 minutes classes seemed daunting before we started, but the interaction is so vibrant that there’s usually surprise that the time is up. We all wrote and anticipated that classroom learning will be an important part pf the education, but we never bargained on so much interaction.

These last few days have been a blur. Picking up a calculator after almost two decades, I wondered how I will cope with the quant jocks that are bound to be there. And they are there, make no mistake, but the teaching is so great that whether its probability, accounts, economics or organization design….. the profs make sure teaching is accessible as well as challenging. When our program chair said the faculty are world class, he wasn’t kidding.

Ohh and by the way,. we already had our first sets of quizzes yesterday. When i said the profs were great, I didn’t mean they were willing to give us any time to dawdle…. and its going to get tougher. I don’t know how I’ll find time, but will try to keep you guys posted.

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