Journey So Far

Wow..Someone said.. I am going to IIM Bangalore. Isnt that a dream come true. To me it is.. But its easy to dream. To make it a reality is a hericulan task. I dreamt of doing my MBA from IIM 12 years back. Long time huh.. But the attractions of staying outside India, enjoying with freinds and family makes the time fly and then you realize that its too late now. I would have also thought so… But for one person who just changed my outlook on how I look at things. His name is Vikalp Mohan. My brother, closest friend, my mentor and my inspiration. He made me think that its never late to see the other side of life and made me plunge into where I am heading today. It was tough, but his encouraging words and support guided me all the way to my biggest achievement so far. Of course, support of my wife,Rupa,  cannot be undermined. Managing a one year old son without much task is not easy and is as tough or probably tougher than getting into IIM.. Had to spend long nights and longer days to achieve the unbelievable.

After the selection, met another bunch of intelligent souls.. The best.. Cant believe that I would be interacting for the rest of my life with such esteemed group.. I have learnt a lot in the journey towards IIM so far, and I am sure this will help me go a long way.

I hope that the sacrifices that my family and friend have done for me will lead into something exciting and I hope I dont let them down.

Hats off to Vikap, Rupa and my group of new intelligent mates…

IIMB, Here I come…

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