Wild Cats in Bangalore Campus

I came across this story in Times of India (via Indiatime). All headings from “Only in India” to “Education in Wilderness” just write themselves.

There is a leopard in Bangalore University campus. And yes, there IS. Not caught yet, and presumably s/he doesn’t want to be caught. The best remark was, ‘campus is very vast and it is not unlikely to sight a leopard. I think the leopard lives in the campus, but hasn’t harmed anyone so far.’ This luminary was the conservator of forest.

Now I know life is not a Wilbur Smith novel, and tracking is easier said than done, but there are so many possible angles to this news. Whether you take wilderness encroaching civilisation as the economy takes a dip, callous officers waiting for a casualty to label a clearly dangerous situation dangerous, or just the visual of a real life leopard on university campus while so-called wildcat Kareena shoots in another campus in the same city, the situation is delicious.

But THE ANGLE for me has to be the invasion of us wild cats, coming to Bangalore and disrupting a staid world. People tracking our footsteps, trying to catch us, but unable to do so. Will we blaze a path? Will we try and create new space? Take our “wild” ideas and transform the staid campus of business?

Who knows?

But we will try hard. Very hard.

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