Falling asleep, waiting for the dream

I’m going to IIM.

Never thought I’d ever utter these words. Except to meet someone, of course. Come to think of it, I don’t even have a friend who has gone to an IIM. All m friends are busy administering harmful substances and making carving marks on sick people.

I am a surgeon, still. For another 50 days. Then I’ll be a student doing 1 yr EPGP course at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. I’m still coming to terms with it, trying not to get carried away by the feeling.

Thankfully there is already a community of admits, and their brilliance keeps me grounded. I was selected in R2, and when I joined the Yahoo group, there was already so much buzz, so many activities, and so much going on that it took me a few days to just get my bearings around the group. The guys and gals have been doing a fantastic job. There are already committees and dedicated committee members doing a lot of legwork (and brain-work) for all our sake. Kudos to them, too many to name here, but they and everyone else know who they are.

Right now the majority of us is going through the process of securing a loan in a risk-averse climate. Through efforts of IIM and the group we have been able to secure a collateral free loan, but it was not easy.

There were a lot of study groups when I joined but I wonder how much people ae studying now. I hope not much, because I’m not. After obsessing over the MBA application process I’m now freaking out with movies. Will watch Slumdog soon, but saw Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting recently….. mind blowing. A few scenes are bound to stick with you foreever

I think that’s enough rambling for a day, and hope to catch up later.


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